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CNYC Indigenous Culture Camp

This summer CNYC welcomes all youth and children between the ages of 12-25 to participate in this our Culture Camp. This camp aims to guide young people through the challenging transition from childhood to adulthood and educate them on healthy lifestyles, Aboriginal wordviews and practices, and leadership and life skills. Our hands-on cultural coordinators and camp facilitator will work with the youth to reduce barriers that prevent them from accessing cultural information and experiences, and to assist the growth of participants’ independence as well as their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

There are three phases to the camp: Pre-Camp, Camp, and Debriefing. The Pre-Camp sessions are the bulk of the programming and focus on providing youth with the knowledge and skills they will need for their camping trip in August and a series of introduction courses to Aboriginal culture and arts. The actual Camp will be a two-night, three-day excursion spent outdoors where the youth will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned during Pre-Camp. The Debriefing portion of the camp is for the youth to reflect on their experiences, what they have learned, and to conduct a self-evaluation of their growth. A rough breakdown of the schedule is below. For more information or inquiries regarding the Culture Camp, contact CNYC.

Pre-Camp May Sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Week 1-2 (May 17 – 26)
Introduction to camp, outline of activities, sharing ideas and preparing for the camp.

Pre-Camp June Sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Week 3-5 (June 13-29)
Drum making course, songs and teachings associated to the drum.

Pre-Camp July Sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Week 6 (June 18-20)
The Seven Grandfather Teachings and carving walking sticks for nature hikes.

Week 7 (July 25-27)
Creating arts and crafts.

Pre-Camp August Sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Week 8 (August 1-3)
Discussions about culture, what it means to you and how it impacts your life.

Camp: two-night, three-day camping trip
Week 9 (August 12-14)
Camping trip at Blaine Lake, SK. See event for details.

Camp Debriefing (August 23, 24, 25, 30, 31)
Week 10 (August 23 – 25)
Reflecting on the camp objectives and sharing through talking circles. Self-evaluation by youth.

Week 11 (August 30-31)
Debriefing with the youth about what they learned from the beginning of the journey of the camp program.