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Bike Shop

For years, CNYC served as a drop-off location for unwanted or unused bicycles for the Saskatoon community. Each year, hundreds of bicycles would pour into the CNYC, which provided students and inner-city youth with access to bikes, tools and training on bicycle maintenance and restoration. Recycling and refurbishing bikes continues to align strongly with our organization’s environmental roots by: removing bikes from the waste stream; encouraging sustainable transportation and; facilitating healthy lifestyles.

Our bike shop program also highlights CNYC’s emphasis on non-traditional learning environments where they can work with their hands and solve problems. Educating youth how to fix and maintain bicycles gives them with agency by enabling them to get around the city without being dependent on public transit or vehicles. Learning the essentials of bike mechanics also makes them qualified candidates for possible employment. Most importantly, they are able to pass on the skills they learn to their peers or restore bikes and offer them to other youth, free of charge.

In recent years, CNYC has been fortunate to partner with the Bridge City Bicycle Coop (BCBC), making our bike shop program the best it’s ever been. The BCBC is a volunteer-run, non-profit cooperative that offers a drop-in workspace, tool and supplies, and participatory bicycle maintenance education. Youth and adults of all ages can come and learn how to fix their own bicycles or build a bicycle using donated frames and parts. BCBC offers memberships, which cost $20 for a calendar year, and is open three days a week. For more information on volunteering, donating or becoming a member, visit their website!

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