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Health & Nutrition

Our Health and Nutrition programming provides youth with the opportunity to learn cooking skills, hygienic food preparation and how to integrate nutrition into their daily life. Youth are included in every step of the process from budgeting and grocery shopping to meal planning and preparation, and enjoy a sit-down, family style meal at lunch. In the mornings, youth are encouraged to arrive early before class in order to help themselves to a continental breakfast and healthy snack options are provided throughout the day. At CNYC, lunch is our time to come together as a group; each day before we sit down to eat, we do ‘gratitudes,’ which gives anyone who wants to the opportunity to say something they are grateful for. Gratitudes allow all of us to practice mindfulness and to recognize the positives in our lives as opposed to focusing on the negatives.

In addition to our daily Nutrition and Health programming, CNYC hosts weekly cooking classes, which gives youth a chance to learn new recipes and different culinary techniques. The goal of this program is to give them the skills that they need to be successful, independent adults. At CNYC we believe that health and nutrition is pivotal in making the transition into adulthood, and equipping them with the skills to properly nourish their bodies is vital to maintaining health physically, emotionally and mentally.

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