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High School Credit

The Community High School Credit Program is supported by the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division. CNYC is an umbrella school of Bishop Murray and shares their values of providing a safe and respectful learning environment for positive change in students’ lives. In many instances, youth who have not been successful in the mainstream learning environment have attained credits through our adaptive methods of educating, which eventually encourages students to integrate back into the education system. Our classroom size is smaller and more intimate than the regular classroom setting in order for the teacher to meet the needs of our dynamic student body.

Our teacher, Heather Langford, has been with CNYC for four years and teaches core-curriculum courses such as English, Math, Native Studies and Art, and uses a counselling-based instructional approach to develop and foster growth in all our students. By focusing on achievements and providing encouragement, Heather works with youth to both celebrate their strengths and to determine other aspects upon which they can improve. Heather’s methods emulate the procedures and practices of Bishop Murray which are underlined by the following beliefs:

  • Everyone deserves respect.
  • Everyone is responsible for the choices they make and the results and consequences.
  • Everyone has the right to a safe environment in which to learn.
  • Everyone has the responsibility of good citizenship.


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