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Here’s an overview of our programming at CNYC.

Community Credit Program

Supported by the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, we offer a formalized community credit high school education program that aims to transition youth back into the education system. Our programming is taught by an accredited teacher and supported by an educational assistant. CNYC teaches the provincially-approved curriculum, offering core subjects such as English, Math, Native Studies, and Art.


CNYC’s full-service carpentry shop gives our youth the chance to explore a trade. Our targeted skills and safety training builds confidence, competence, and a sense of responsibility.

Health & Nutrition

CNYC / Boys & Girls Club of Saskatoon and the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools provides two meals a day and engages youth in the full process of grocery shopping, meal planning, hygienic food preparation, and clean up.

Drop-In Sessions

Our drop-in programs give youth an opportunity to learn creativity, community engagement, self-esteem, and sobriety as a path to healing, health, fulfillment, and well-being. All of our programs offer basic life and job skills.

Boys & Girls Club of Saskatoon

Boys & Girls Club of Saskatoon provides programming such as Raising the Grade / Skills to Success at CNYC. A educational program where mentors help youth discover their interests, shape career goals and plan for their future.


CNYC offers cultural teachings. This program offers the youth an opportunity to develop a sense of cultural pride, to develop relationships with community and elders, as well as helping to keep cultural traditions alive.

Word on the Street

WOTS is an online platform for youth to share their experiences and express their opinions on issues that affect them while simultaneously giving them an opportunity to develop new skills, connect with culture, and pursue their own methods of creative expression.