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At CNYC, we help empower the lives of  youth in Saskatoon. The youth we work with come from difficult circumstances, and change is a process that takes time. We commit countless hours and energy to each individual, focusing on all of their needs. We teach everything from basic personal care to formal education. We define our youth not by their circumstances and what holds them down, but for how they rise above it everyday.

Your support is essential to our work

The work of CNYC is vital to a safer, stronger, healthier and more vibrant Saskatoon. Your support demonstrates to vulnerable youth that they are a valued part of our community and helps transform them into strong, confident young men and women. Your money goes to providing much needed supplies, food, resources and staffing. By supporting our work, you’re helping us repair the damaging cycles of hopelessness, violence, addiction and poverty that have been inflicted on our community’s youth.

Show our youth that they matter. Donate to CNYC today.

We rely on the generosity of our funders, our partners and individuals to support our ongoing work and youth programming. All financial contributions are fully tax deductible and you will receive an annual tax receipt. There are many ways to donate to and support CNYC.


A few dollars go a long way at CNYC. Cheques can be made out to Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op and either dropped off or mailed to:

905 20th St West
Saskatoon, SK
Canada | S7M 0Y5

Donate online?

You can also donate to CNYC online via

Donate Now Through!

Woodshop Items

Our youth are constantly in the woodshop working on a variety of custom projects: from cutting boards to garden boxes, and cultural crafts like drums, feather boxes and bows. Support CNYC by purchasing handmade items made by our youth. To view items made in our woodshop, click here. For inquiries about availability of items, contact CNYC and ask for our woodshop coordinator.

We also encourage community groups, small businesses, and other organizations to support our work through annual donations. Please contact us to learn more about how you can support CNYC.