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CNYC’s full-service carpentry shop gives our youth the chance to learn some basic skills. Youth can access the woodshop in the afternoons and when scheduled workshops are on. The woodshop and workshops are overseen by our our carpenter, who provides safety training, hands-on guidance and creative mentorship for the youth.

The youth have a variety of projects to choose from including stools, meditation benches, balance boards, rain barrels, garden boxes, yoga blocks and cutting boards. Not unlike our other programming, the carpentry and woodshop program intends to provide youth with experience and skills that are transferable to a vocation outside of CNYC. Completing projects in the woodshop also brings youth a strong sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and empowerment.

Beyond the cutting boards and rain barrels, the woodshop also gives collaborative support to our cultural programming by providing youth with the tools and materials to create cultural crafts such as drums and feather boxes. These projects are co-facilitated by our cultural coordinator who shares the teachings and historical importance of both the process and the final product. In this way, the carpentry shop is another entry for all young women and men to learn about the Indigenous culture in a supportive and positive environment.

Check out stuff for sale that was made in our carpentry workshops by talented youth at CNYC!

Cutting Boards

$70.00 - $100.00

For inquiries about availability, please contact CNYC.

Our cutting boards are handmade by our youth in the CNYC carpentry shop. Each piece is custom, with different dimensions, patterns and designs. Availability fluctuates and prices range.