CNYC would like to invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting; Thursday July 15th, 2021, at 5:30pm.

The AGM will take place via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Please register by using the AGM registration form on the event page, or just emailing

Any current CNYC members are eligible to vote on new board members & new matters at the AGM. Community members are welcome to attend but will not be able to vote.

If you would like to be a member, or want to renew your membership, you will need to become a member 14 days prior to the AGM (ie. by July 1st). Call 306-665-3889 or become a member of CNYC online.

CNYC is also looking for Board Members 😀

If you are on Facebook, please also RSVP there and/or share the Facebook event for the AGM!

See you there!